Addressing national and global energy challenges

MEMSI is focussed on developing the people and solutions across relevant energy challenges facing Australia and the world today. Each theme is underpinned by research excellence across energy materials, energy processing and energy systems.

Research Impact Areas

Transitioning Victoria to a Cleaner Energy Economy

Victoria developed as a manufacturing powerhouse due to its significant coal reserves and cheap electricity. The world is rapidly changing and there is a global pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Victorian government and local electricity generators are already considering the impact of moving beyond coal. We will lead the way in helping Victoria in this transition towards a cleaner energy economy.

Assisting Asia-Pacific Economies to Electrify

Many Asia-Pacific economies are uniquely positioned in the energy space because they have not made significant investments in traditional electricity networks in most remote regions. As the concept of centralised electricity production is disrupted through solar cells and battery technology, such economies have the opportunity to leverage from global innovations in this space to develop affordable electricity solutions that can greatly benefit their people. We will assist these nations to electrify in smart and efficient ways.

Developing Smarter Energy Networks and Markets

Achieving reliable electricity networks that operate with increasing deployment of renewables, such as solar photovoltaics and wind generation, and can accommodate the growing uptake of electric vehicles in the market is critical towards maintaining electricity security. Smart sensors within electricity networks have the capacity to enable complete monitoring, optimisation and forecasting of energy transmission and consumption. Through the application of advances in data analytics, machine learning and optimisation tools and their deployment in smart networks, we will value-add to existing smart meter technology to better understand and maximize the efficiency of electricity networks and the markets in which they operate.

Powering the Next Generation

Technologies are rapidly developing towards being faster, smaller and better. Underpinning this evolution is a need for more energy efficient designs, higher efficiency power generation technologies and advanced energy storage systems. We will work at the cutting edge of materials, technology and systems to power the next generation devices, vehicles, buildings, industries and beyond.

Value Adding to Australia's Energy Resources

Australia has emerged as an energy resource export nation. Despite this, our cars and heavy machinery are built with imported materials and run on imported fuels. Understanding how to better utilize our natural and recyclable energy resources is critical towards maximizing their value for our people. To ensure this, we will develop new fuels and technologies that efficiently generate and store energy from resources that are abundant in Australia and can value add to our economy.

Research Capabilities

Energy Materials

Energy storage
Alternative fuels
Membranes and fuel cells
Energy efficient manufacturing and materials

Energy Processing

Energy in mining
CO2 capture and utilisation
CO2 sequestration
Combustion and gasification
Geothermal, shale gas and coal seam gas

Energy Systems

Smart grids, demand management and asset life assessment/ extension
Energy market modelling and renewable integration
Wind energy and transport aerodynamics
Energy efficiency, energy strategies and policy with ClimateWorks Australia and the Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI)