MEMSI is bringing leading energy researchers
and industry parters together


Monash University has a strong and long connection with energy – originating with Sir John Monash, who played a critical role in the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. MEMSI harnesses this strength within a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research environment that brings together over 70 leading researchers and hundreds of research students from across Monash University. Focussed on developing solutions to enable sustainable generation, storage, distribution and use of energy, our research is directed by leaders with academic and industrial experience. This balance between academic rigour and applied focus provides MEMSI the ability to effectively work with industrial parters to address significant energy challenges.

MEMSI Vision

To solve grand energy challenges through innovative research and partnership.

MEMSI Mission

MEMSI will build strong and long-term partnerships with Australian and international industry, government and research organisations to facilitate regional and global impact through innovation in energy materials, advanced energy technologies and smart energy systems. Underpinned by excellence in research and education, we will work in collaboration to address grand energy challenges of today and tomorrow.


MEMSI's objectives are to:

  1. Enable world leading, multi-disciplinary energy research within Monash University and across its partering network;
  2. Work in collaboration across industry, government and partering research organisations to address grand energy challenges; and
  3. Educate the next-generation of energy leaders.


  • Energy materials
  • Printable solar cells
  • Supercapacitors
  • Fuel Cells
  • Biofuels
  • Geothermal energy and unconventional oil and gas
  • Low emission coal and carbon storage
  • Smart grids
  • Power engineering
  • Wind energy and transport aerodynamics
  • Advanced energy networking
  • Cutting-edge visualisation