Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute

Solving Global Energy Problems

MEMSI is a multidisciplinary research environment that interfaces academic energy research and industry

It brings together researchers from across Monash University in partnership with industry to develop solutions to global energy problems.

Focused Mission

The MEMSI mission centres on 'Industry focused energy research'.


The energy industry is challenged by:

  • increasing energy supply costs
  • depleting natural energy resources
  • new and disruptive technologies such as affordable solar panels
  • the need to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.


MEMSI is committed to:

  • working with industry to develop practical solutions to energy-related problems
  • creating innovative products and services for global deployment, while participating in the Australian energy policy debate.


In Australia's economy:

  • competitively priced and reliable energy is paramount for the transport, manufacturing, mining and services industries
  • the energy supply chain is undergoing transformation as a result of climate imperatives.


MEMSI is an interdisciplinary research environment with:

  • more than 70 leading researchers with extensive industry experience.
  • broad expertise to tackle industry‚Äôs energy problems rapidly develop and deploy innovative technology and policy solutions.